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With the opportunity to choose eco friendly jute laptop sleeves everyday. Explore all
JUTE LAPTOP SLEEVESOur laptop sleeves are made of eco friendly jute (burlap), one of our most environmentally friendly natural fibers. A timeless and functional design with space for a laptop or tablet and two extra inside pockets for a smartphone, wallet and keys. SHOP JUTE LAPTOP SLEEVES
WHAT IS JUTE?It's easy to produce, sturdy, and biodegradable so it's the perfect material to use in handmade rugs, shopping bags, curtains and the obvious choice for our sustainable bags. In fact, jute fabric is the second most versatile fabric after cotton, and the second most common fibre grown and used across the world. But the best thing about jute is it uses way less water to produce, and the production of jute is much more eco-friendly than any other fabric. Because of this, we believe jute deserves to be named as the Number One material in the world!


Jute bags are biodegradable and 100% compostable. Jute bags are extremely strong. Jute bags are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly. Checkout our eco friendly Jute Laptop Sleeves.

THE MAGIC PLANTJute is a plant that grows in fields on individual stems. Like cotton, the amount of jute produced in the world, and the variety of its uses is enormous! It grown very similarly to cotton - except with the huge difference that it uses much less water, requires no chemical pesticides and fertilisers to grow, and replenishes much faster. SHOP JUTE LAPTOP SLEEVES
WHY IS JUTE ECO FRIENDLY?As well as having natural UV protection, jute grows without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Not only completely biodegradable, but also a recyclable fibre. Jute reaches maturity quickly, between 4-6 months, making it incredibly efficient source of renewable material. It relies on natural rainfall, rather than extensive and hugely consuming irrigation systems. Like bamboo, Jute absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen much faster than trees. And Jute also enhances the fertility of the soil it grows on for future crops. JUTE LAPTOP SLEEVES