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The images shows another Samsung Galaxy model, but these cases are for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Enhance your phone with the most precise case ever made. The thin design makes it the ultimate case to style and protect your phone. Made from 100% plant-based and non-toxic materials. Thin, soft and flexible - similar to a silicon case.


Today's plastic remains in nature for hundreds of years and causing harm to wildlife and nature. Just a small part of all plastic we produce is recycled, about 7% globally (2021). The majority gets incinerated or put in landfill, basically ending up in nature.

Plastic bags take 10-20 years to decompose, plastic bottles take 450 years and plastic phone cases 600 years.

That's why we need to find other alternatives to today's plastic.
#TomorrowIsOurLegacy #ZeroWasteMovement

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