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Like cotton, the amount of jute produced in the world, and the variety of its uses is enormous! It grown very similarly to cotton - except with the huge difference that it usess much less water, requires no chemical pesticides and fertilisers to grow, and replenishes much faster.


1. Jute reaches maturity fast (approximately between four to six months), making it an incredible and efficient source of renewable material, therefore possessing the term, 'sustainable'. This speedy growth rate means less land is required to cultivate jute, therefore there is no emergent need to encroach upon natural habitats. When comparing jute against cotton, it requires far less water to survive and no pesticides or lab-manufactured fertilisers are needed. 

2. Studies show that the C02 assimilation rate of jute is several times higher than other trees. Studies indicate that, one hectare of jute plants can consume up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide and release 11 tons of oxygen during the jute growing season (about 100 days). Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the transport and milling of jute fibre also amounts to one-sixth of that generated during polypropylene manufacture.

3. Petrol is a natural resource that is depleting at an alarming rate. Plastic and polypropylene eco-green bags use petroleum for manufacture and their shorter lifespan overburdens the environment and depletes natural resources. This puts a lot of pressure on our limited petroleum reserve. Therefore, the use of jute can really ease fossil fuel burden. 

4. The most important benefit of jute material is that it is biodegradableand compostable. It causes absolutely no threat to the environment. This means you can cut it up and place it in your garden to replenish soil nutrients and reduce the risk of pests and disease. It also promotes water retention and soil moisture while supporting new plant growth.